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TubularSkylight Dome Tubular Skylight Dome
• captures sun on rooftop
• thick, high-impact acrylic
• seamless stress collar
• designed not to crack or leak
Tubular Skylight Flashing Heavy-Duty Flashing
• commercial pure aluminum
• forward sloping construction
• reduces need for elbows
• sleek low-profile design
• unpainted or black
Tubular Skylight Miro-Silver Light Pipe Miro-Silver Light Pipe
• mirror-like interior surface
• 98% reflectivity - reflects light even when sun is low
• rigid aluminum construction
• tight, dust-free seal
Tubular Skylight Ceiling Trim Ring Ceiling Trim Ring
• stylish, powder-coated white
• prismatic surface scatters light
• slightly arced, durable acrylic
• easy assembly

There are several companies that manufacture tubular skylights, but when it comes to quality and performance, no one compares to the Natural Light.

High Impact Acrylic Dome

The Natural Light Tubular Skylight dome is constructed of high-impact UV stabilized acrylic that is thicker than many of our competitors. Unlike most of the competition, our low profile unit allows the skylight to blend seamlessly into the roof line. Most importantly, our dome is mounted in a stress absorbing seamless aluminum collar, which equalizes the pressure caused by expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Many of our competitors attach their dome directly to the flashing - doing so stresses the dome at the contact points and may cause the dome to crack and potentially leak.

Commercial Pure Grade Aluminum Flashing

The flashing is extremely important, as it is responsible for keeping your roof from leaking. It is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment on a daily basis. Our flashing is constructed of 1100 series, commercial pure grade aluminum with no seams, and its round shape minimizes damage to roof shingles and enables it to withstand the stresses of expansion and contraction due to the temperature variations. Many of our competitors use lower grade galvanized materials with tack welded or rolled seams - or even plastic! Our unique forward sloping flashing design limits the use of light robbing elbows that the competition uses in almost all applications. The flashing is available in unpainted aluminum or powder-coated black for both sloping and flat roofs.

Highly-Reflective Light-Pipe

Our Miro-Silver® light pipe is one of the best performing in the industry with 98% reflectivity. A comprehensive test has shown that our light pipes outperform other light pipes particularly during early morning and late afternoon when useable light is needed the most. Most of the competition uses lower grade light pipe, thinner gauge or less reflective. Our light pipe is assembled on-site with three securing methods ensuring a tight, dust free seal. Read more about light pipe reflectivity.

Energy Conservation Kit

Committed to energy performance, Natural Light recently added a new state of the art energy kit to improve the U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient such that the new residential models are ENERGY STAR® qualified in all climate zones. Additionally, our residential tubular skylights may qualifiy for local tax credits. Learn more about Tax Credits.

Decorative Trim Ring and Diffuser

The trim ring and diffuser assembly is the only piece in the entire kit that the homeowner sees on a daily basis, and it's the only item that the homeowner will ever touch. Our trim ring is constructed of seamless aluminum and is powder coated white - most of our competition offer a plastic trim ring. Our diffuser easily snaps into place for easy cleaning, yet it provides a tight seal to minimize heat gain or loss. Constructed of durable acrylic, our diffuser is designed with a small arc that provides even light distribution without spotlight effects. Many of our competitors offer primarily flat diffusers that are not able to spread the light out as far.

Piggy Bank Energy Savings

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Made using strict quality control standards and saves energy. Learn More About Tubular Skylight Performance

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