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Tubular Skylight Installed using Elbow
Angle adapters and extra light pipe are available for all tubular skylight models.
Tubular Skylight Installed on Tile Roof Tubular Skylight installed on a tile roof using a Flashing Skirt.

Light Pipe Angle Adaptors or Elbows

Light Pipe Angle Adapter or Elbow

On some installations, it may not be possible to install a straight run of light pipe. For those installations, Natural Light offers a 12" angle adapter (or elbow). The angle adapter is constructed out of the same highly reflective material as our light pipe. The elbows are fully adjustable from 0 - 45 degrees allowing you to skew the direction of the light pipe to avoid attic obstructions. Other common applications include steep pitched roofs or cathedral roof installations. The angle adapters are available for all tubular skylight models. Each angle adapter comes with additional tek screws and foil tape.

Additional Sections of Light Pipe

Additional Section of Light Pipe

Extra sections of light pipe are available for tall attic installations in either 12" or 24" lengths. Each section comes with additional tek screws and foil tape. Below is a chart listing the maximum length of light pipe recommended for each tubular skylight model:

10" model maximum light pipe length = 18 feet
13" model maximum light pipe length = 20 feet
18" model maximum light pipe length = 20 feet
21" model maximum light pipe length = 20 feet

Flashing Skirt and Turret Extension for Tile Roof Installation

Turret Extension

Most tile roof installations must be installed using a flashing skirt. The flashing skirt is installed over the tubular skylight flashing to ensure a weather-tight installation. For some high profile S-tile roof installations, a turret extension is also needed. The turret is slipped over the flashing lip to accommodate the additional height of the S-tiles.

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Dimmer Remote Control

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CFL Bulb for Light Kit

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