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Remote Controlled Dimmer Kit Natural Light Dimmer Kit seamlessly integrates into the tubular skylight system to adjust the light output using a remote control.
Natural Light Dimmer Kit

Natural Light Tubular Skylight Dimmer Kit Overview

The Natural Light remote controlled dimmer allows you to adjust the amount of daylight entering the room through your tubular skylight. The dimmer is available for the 10", 13" and 21" tubular skylight models. It's perfect for any room that may need to be darkened during the day including bedrooms, TV or media rooms and conference rooms. The dimmer kit is fully assembled and easy to install.

How Does the Dimmer Kit Work?

The dimmer kit is a short section of light pipe that houses a rotating disc used to block out the incoming light. The amount of light entering the room will vary on the position of the rotating disc which is operated by adjusting the ON and OFF buttons on the included remote control.
How Dimmer Kit Works

Dimmer Kit Installed in Attic

Dimmer Kit Installation

The dimmer kit assembly is installed as the lower portion of the light pipe. The kit is 12" long and its length must be calculated into the overall light pipe run needed for your installation. The dimmer comes fully assembled from the factory, it just needs to be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The kit also includes a receiver that must hang vertically on a nearby stud in the attic. The dimmer may also be hard-wired using a momentary switch (not included).

Note: When a dimmer is installed together with a light kit, the light kit must be installed below the dimmer.

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